Reading West Candidates

This page contains some links to resources you may find useful if you are trying to research your options for the General Election on 7th May 2015.

Since I am an independent I can adopt my own, or constituent proposed, policies and pick and choose from the best policies presented by the other parties.  So if you like the Green Party pledge to get rid of the individual student debt funded method of paying for university but do not agree with their rejection of zero carbon emission base-load power generation via nuclear power, then here is a way that you can have the best of both worlds.  I think that most people agree on that more carefully controlled immigration, significant reform of the EU, better investment in a public NHS and reform of the taxation and benefits system are needed…?

Check your constituency here.  Further information on the Reading West constituency can be found here and here.


If you are considering standing yourself, I’m sorry, the deadline has passed.


Register to Vote here before the 20th April (you will need your National Insurance number).

Here are the most current policies of the main parties at the time of writing:

Labour.   Conservatives.   UKIP.   Liberal Democrats.   Greens.

Reading West is fortunate in having some excellent individual candidates in the popular Caversham based Conservative incumbent, Alok Sharma (see how Alok has voted on your behalf during this parliament here), the highly active Reading born business woman, Labour’s Victoria Groulef, the Green Party’s renowned green economist Miriam Kennet, the Liberal Democrat’s Tilehurst councillor Meri O’Connell and UKIP’s candidate Malik Azam.4caa1ff38fb73a3def42c0388584919b

And there is me, of course.  Here are my proposed pledges, let me know what you think?!

There are also the very recently declared Neil Adams for the TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition), and Philip Frederick West of the Roman Party. Ave.




Please let me know what you think

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