Just a quick one…

I’ve been off doing things, mostly mentally & on-line, like supporting the Calaid network helping refugees and helping to organise the Reading Climate March.  I’ve also been trying to work out what I can do to help achieve real change, which turns out to be a difficult question.  I’ve been a member of organisations like Avaaz, 38 Degrees and for a long time but it still seems like there is something lacking in terms of a way to actively engage in the running of our world.

I have always been passionate about preserving our natural world, and decided when I was seventeen to pursue a career in engineering, because I thought I would have more chance of achieving more good, in terms of reducing pollution and environmental impact of society, by being inside industry, rather than by waving a placard outside the front gate.  To an extent this has worked.  But mainly it has mostly taught me that solving the big issues is more about pragmatic problem solving and much less about ideology.  The arguments that win in business and industry are the straight talking common sense ideas that benefit as many parties as possible, not lofty ideals (and often not outright profiteering either).  Most people in big companies are just people, who care about the environment and equality just as much as the next person (I cannot speak for the corporate elite, I have never met any of them).

So what now?  Well, I am hoping that by following a few key issues, asking the important questions that seem to be absent in mainstream coverage of current events, and suggesting some steps which could be taken, I can help to shine some light on possible solutions.  You never know, maybe someone with the power to make things happen, might do something useful.

I’m a problem solver these days, no longer the ideological teen I was when I had the world tattooed on my shoulder in 1999.


Please let me know what you think

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