(written up from a 11pm brain-dump a few days ago, suggestions and comments welcome)

I will be approachable, I aim to work as much as possible from an office (or coffee shop) where anyone can come to see me, by posting where and when I will be on my official twitter and facebook.  If I get so many e-mails or letters that I cannot look at them, then I will get some help so that every single one will be reviewed by me or a representative.

I will listen to your concerns with the intent to understand and help (not to preach and or tell you what to do).  I will respect your views, beliefs and right to express them.  And I will listen when experts in their field give me advice.

I will do everything in my power and influence to implement your good ideas for a better Reading and a better UK and world.  If there is something that I cannot do, then you deserve an explanation.

I will be committed to being your MP – I would be my full time job (40+ hours a week), I do not have any businesses to run at the same time.

I will not waste your money on luxuries – if I need a base in London, I shall rent a small functional apartment – not a penthouse with a swimming pool.  And I will use public transport to get from Reading to Westminster.

I will be as transparent as I possibly can – my timetable, what I say in parliament, how I vote on every issue, my expenses, will all be published.  I also hope to spend travel time blogging about my experiences and what I am learning about our system being your MP.

I will voluntarily subscribe to the 38 Degrees proposed genuine recall law, which will give you the right to sack me and trigger a by-election if I let you down.

I will stop at nothing (legal) to remove student paid tuition fees because the system simply does not add up.  (The loans will never be cleared because the repayments will always be less than the interest, so in effect graduates will simply be paying an extra 9% tax, on all their earnings over £21,000 per year, for the 30 years until the loan is wiped out.  It would almost certainly cost the country less to fund the tuition directly, making this epic debt burden rather pointless, so this needs urgent and transparent investigation and action.)

I will never be a neo-liberal or a Thatcherite.  I seriously considered joining a party, but Party politics seem to get in the way of directly representing your constituents.



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